Encompass Psychology and Counselling Cooperative

Encompass Edinburgh is a new not-for-profit Psychology and Counselling Cooperative that aims to offer psychological therapies, counselling and group-based courses to people in the Edinburgh region. The Cooperative is a social enterprise and has recently been awarded a grant by Firstport, the Scottish Government's Social Enterpreneurs Fund. Each therapist within the Cooperative dedicates a minimum of 20% of their caseload to low fee or very low-fee therapy (as little as £10 per session). In choosing to see a psychologist or counsellor from the Cooperative you will at no additional cost also be helping to provide low-fee therapy places for people who would otherwise be unable to afford this.

If I am unable to offer you an appointment quickly I may be able to direct you to one of the other therapists within the cooperative.


For more information on Encompass Edinburgh Psychology and Counselling Cooperative, please see the Encompass Edinburgh website at www.encompassedinburgh.org.